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Absolutely amazing! I cannot rate this practice and all the staff here enough!
I have just finished my treatment of Incognito braces from Dr. Steffen Decker and Veneers fitted on my front two teeth by Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin and I am thrilled by the results and my new smile.
Both are so professional, skilled and focused on getting the perfect result in the best possible way. The moment I met them both I could tell I was in the best hands.
All my options were explained to me thoroughly and all my questions answered. They were honest and realistic about any discomfort and timescales and made all the appointments as easy as possible with their kindness and humour.
They were both so lovely to me throughout the whole process and made me feel at ease from any nervousness and ensured minimal discomfort.
Before the treatment I never smiled showing my teeth and covered them when I spoke due to having a massive overbite and sticking out front teeth, which were also damaged and discolored due to an accident from years back… I have now left after my last appointment and I can’t stop smiling at everyone! Thank you so much, Holly

Holly Luscombe

I was a patient of Steffen Decker’s and underwent lingual orthodontics to straighten my teeth. From my very first consultation, I felt assured he was the best person for the job. To say I am a perfectionist when it comes to my teeth is an understatement and he really went over and beyond to ensure I had my expectations met. As well as being a phenomenal orthodontist and creating the smile I had always wanted, he made the whole experience a pleasure with his kind nature and great work ethic of always putting patients first. I would recommend him to everybody – I think you would be hard pushed to find somebody with greater passion than Dr. Decker and he deserves every success that comes to him.

Stephanie Lennard

My teeth are something I’ve always been conscious of and as a performer my smile is pretty important, so last year I decided to take the leap and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Dr. Decker made me feel completely at ease, he explained all of my options very thoroughly and was sure he could fix my smile in 6 months with Incognito braces…and that he did! The process flew by, with visits every 3 weeks which were always a pleasure (sometimes sore but always a pleasure). I must say, as a performer I was worried about my speech and wasn’t sure whether Incognito braces would be right for me. Honestly, it was tough and a tad frustrating begin with, however after about 1-2 weeks my speech was completely back to normal. Singing and performing with the braces after this was no problem at all. To sum up my experience, it was everything I could have hoped for. From Dr Decker, the nicest dentist I’ve ever had to now having the smile I’ve always wanted. I would definitely recommend Dr Decker and Incognito braces to anyone.

J. N.

Here is one with nasher… It really is amazing how much confidence it gives me being able to walk into a room without worrying about my teeth. Having incognito braces was the best decision ever! Thank you Dr. Steffen Decker

Briony Scarlett

I remember my first consultation with Dr Decker and how I used to fear sitting in the dreaded chair. I can confidently say after a year of being treated by Steffen it has been nothing short of an outstanding experience. His knowledge, experience and confidence with the Incognito Lingual brace put me at ease straightaway; and not to forget his wonderful sense of humor (and hugs). I used to look forward to my regular 3 weekly appointments (which I will now miss). I am so pleased with the results and he is THE best dentist I have ever encountered. Put your faith in him and he will work wonders. I now smile that much more thanks to you Dr Decker.

Sally Rai

I am a blogger and upcoming TV presenter, and I have always been self conscious about my teeth. I paid almost £4000 for Invisalign and at the end of the treatment, they said I had the best result they could possibly achieve. I still had a slight twist in my front tooth and a visible gap. Dr Steffen Decker at Harley Street took one look at my teeth and knew exactly how to fix it. He did my incognito treatment and within 3 months my teeth look amazing! Every single person from the receptionist to the nurses were always helpful and professional. Dr Steffen Decker was always friendly and approachable and made it easy to discuss what you wanted to achieve; he went over and beyond to make this an outstanding experience. He really makes you feel special, has thorough knowledge of incognito braces and has mastered his field. I would recommend to EVERYONE!!

Mehreen Baig

I have just had my Incognito lingual braces removed. My orthodontist was Steffen Decker who I cannot recommend more highly. The whole process from my very first to my very last appointment was utterly seamless; Steffen not only understood exactly what results I wanted, but he was so flexible and friendly with it. I came out of every appointment with a huge smile on my face and feel eternally grateful to Stefan and The Harley Street Studio for giving me such a brilliant orthodontic experience.

Georgie Coaker

I’m an orthodontist in Istanbul/Turkey, and now i’m a patient and have my incognito braces. I’m very pleased, that Dr Steffen Decker applied my incognito braces and had very nice hospitality in his office, learned too much from his experience. Now he’s a very good friend and colleague, and perfect doctor for me! I’m really comfortable with my lingual braces and now i can understand what my patients feel ! And now I’m really excited and waiting for next appointment time for having a new flight from Istanbul to London

Didem Aktan

I am very pleased with the outcome of my lingual braces from Dr. Steffen Decker. I visited several different practices to obtain opinions on adult braces and chose Harley Street Dental Studios as they took the time to discuss the pros and cons of several different options in my particular situation. Throughout the process, Dr. Decker was professional, explained the treatment, and answered any questions that I had. He has significant experience with lingual braces and I would recommend him to others. Finally, he delivered what he stated -straight teeth in 4 months.

Amy Johnson

A warm smile is the universal
language of kindness.

-William Arthur Ward