Smile Design At Its Best!

Thank you for choosing the world Nr. 1 Incognito hidden brace provider. Start today your invisible journey to a perfect smile. Cosmetic orthodontics is booming and lingual braces is one way to align your teeth efficiently and quickly.

Dr. Steffen Decker, Digital Smile Designer!

Hello, my name is Dr. Steffen Decker!

Designing smiles is for me the most rewarding job I can imagine. In my treatment the main aim is to “wow” my patients at least once in their treatment, independent if it is my personality, scanning and digital workflow, invisible Incognito braces, the speed of bonding and achieving results or the service customers are receiving. If I manage to get that "wow" which means patients are smiling I have done my job. Passion, high-end quality and team work make the experience with me unique.

Incognito Braces

Only 3.7% of the brackets (“train tracks”) placed nowadays on teeth are glued on the inside. The Incognito system is the only fully customised brace with a complete digital workflow starting with a digital scan, virtual treatment planning and a digitally made bonding tray (CPT). Incognito hidden brace system is the most accurate, comfortable, discreet and quickest way to align teeth; and all is completely invisible! Incognito braces are hidden discreetly on the back of the teeth, allowing people to go about their daily routine without feeling self- conscious. Straighten your teeth the invisible way in minimal time and with maximum accuracy!

Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

It makes you more attractive! It is no secret that we are drawn to people who smile.  There’s something remarkably irresistible about someone who isn’t afraid to flash those pearly whites.

The smile is the centre of our face and in a split second you decide if you like that smile or not. Change it today

Beautiful and healthy teeth show a lot about the person you are. A lot of people are attracted to a beautiful smile

A smile is the shortest way between two people

Exclusive Dental Service

The experience starts with the first enquiry. It is very important that you feel understood and happy throughout the journey. My team and me will try to make everything possible for you to achieve the results you wanted


I love what I do, which drives me to go the extra mile with my patients. This passion for dentistry drives me to produce great work to care and attention.


Every patient is treated with the utmost level of care, tailored to their needs. Each person thoughts and goals are carefully listened to and incorporated into their treatment strategy.

Clinical Adviser

Western Europe's Clinical Advisor for Incognito lingual orthodontic systems to provide advice for other fellow dental professionals in the field and help all professionals.

Digital Smile Design by Coachman

THE WHOLE CONCEPT is based upon the analysis of the patients facial and dental proportions, utilising a predetermined series of high quality digital photographs and videos understanding the relationship between teeth, gums, lips, smile with the facial features in motion and with emotion.


I have just had my incognito lingual braces removed. My orthodontist was Stefan Decker who I cannot recommend more highly. The whole process from my very first to my very last appointment was utterly seamless; Stefan not only understood exactly what results I wanted, but he was so flexible and friendly with it. I came out of every appointment with a huge smile on my face and feel eternally grateful to Stefan and The Harley Street Studio for giving me such a brilliant orthodontic experience.

Georgie Coaker

I’m an orthodontist in Istanbul/Turkey, and now i’m a patient and have my incognito braces. I’m very pleased, that Dr Steffen Decker applied my incognito braces and had very nice hospitality in his office, learned too much from his experience. Now he’s a very good friend and colleague, and perfect doctor for me! 🙂 I’m really comfortable with my lingual braces and now i can understand what my patients feel ! 🙂 And now I’m really excited and waiting for next appointment time for having a new flight from Istanbul to London 🙂

Didem Aktan

I am very pleased with the outcome of my lingual braces from Dr. Steffen Decker. I visited several different practices to obtain opinions on adult braces and chose Harley Street Dental Studios as they took the time to discuss the pros and cons of several different options in my particular situation. Throughout the process, Dr. Decker was professional, explained the treatment, and answered any questions that I had. He has significant experience with lingual braces and I would recommend him to others. Finally, he delivered what he stated -straight teeth in 4 months.

Amy Johnson

A day without a laughter,
is a day wasted.

- Charlie Chaplin